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Shallow Copy in Ruby

I often wonder why some organizations only consider candidates who have computer science or computer engineering degrees. In the real world I have seen many great developers who have come from diverse backgrounds. However, I had an event recently that made me really happy I have a degree in computer engineering. It made me understand why the favoritism exists for computer science credentialed developers. I had an issue with an email template in Ruby on Rails that without a good mental model of compilers and, specifically, compiler optimization would likely have taken a long time to identify and fix. Here is what happened:

in a database somewhere... UPDATE app_configs SET affiliate_template = 'Welcome to UrbanBound #[FirstName], '

def send_email_to_todays_movers

  Mover.each do |m| 
    @boiler_plate_email = AppConfig.find_by_config_name('affiliate_template').value
[business logic goes here]
prep_moverm, @boiler_plate_email

def prep_mover
[business logic goes here]