Jakob Nielsen's Kindle Fire Usability Findings

I don't like to re-post, but I highly recommend reading this. Tablets are, finally, not going to go away and will only increase in usage.

Jakob Nielsen does a great job of discussing the usability and design of 7-inch tablets. Then he talks about the future of 7-inch tablets based on the market and design choices required to ensure their future.



  1. I,as well,purchased the Kindle Fire HDX and concur with Buddy's findings.I have,on the other hand,read an entire book on the Kindle and have shopped for a few books,too.My Kindle has turned into an entertainment device.Albeit I needed to go to the 1mobile site in light of the fact that I couldn't find these applications on Amazon,I have loaded iBlink Radio, and also my Time Warner Cable TV application onto the Kindle.
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  2. I agree. Most people I know use them for entertainment and content consumption. I wonder when they will cross over into content creation? Perhaps when an unexpected innovation develops?


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