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Product Camp Chicago

Join me at Product Camp Chicago this Saturday April 2, 2011 to see my talk about How to Incorporate Apple like design into your products.

All the things I never thought I would use my iPad for

My family bought me an iPad for fathers day last year.  I have been completely surprised how much I use it professionally and personally.  Here are the ways I have been using it that I never expected:

The only computer I use at home (sometimes I don't turn on my laptop at work until lunch time either)Never taking a laptop on a vacation againTeaching my kids the alphabet, numbers, and simple arithmetic (I was shocked how well this worked & how much the kids were into it)Watching NetflixLetting kids use the iPad on vacation so I can sleep inTracking my finances on Mint (until I ditched Mint - that's for another blog post)Writing blog posts (this one included)Flipboard!Playing casual games (I never used my iPhone or Android phone for this before)Actually using TwitterFinding creative commons images on FlickrReading articles sent from people at work after hoursReading the blogs I follow in Google ReaderLooking at Pivotal tracker while I'm jumping from team to team at workGi…